I'm sure that for some people this is definitely old news, but I still think it's worth sharing. If you're doing a lot of writing on a computer, you're sure to come across a time when you'll need to add a special unicode symbol to your text. This is where CopyPasteCharacter comes in.

This site has just about every kind of unusual character you could think of. There are literally hundreds of them! The site is super simple to use, too. Just click on a character and it's copied to your clipboard automatically, so that you can easily paste it elsewhere.

Having such a huge number of characters seems overwhelming at first, especially if you're just looking for one specific thing, but thankfully you have the option of creating your own sets of characters that you can edit as you please, in case there are certain characters you use a lot. Unfortunately, their accompanying iPhone app does not (yet) support personal sets, and I hope in the future that they will allow you to sign into your account from your phone and sync character sets back and forth.

Despte that little flaw, I use this site all the time and it has become indispensable in my workflow, so I highly recommend it. Keep it bookmarked.