'Stop Not Linking'

Matthew Panzarino:

"So that’s what I do. I offer a link early in the post, clearly defined and visible. I also attempt to pull out what information is necessary to build thoughts and context off of and, when appropriate, indicate that readers should visit the source to read more information."

This is essentially how I attempt to link to posts on Unretrofied. I'm always tinkering with my process and the site's design in general, but my hope is that I'm successfully sending traffic to the people who I'm quoting. That's why I like to have links presented early on in each post, as well as a follow-up link at the bottom of the post just for good measure.

I've thought about removing that additional follow-up link because maybe it's a bit over the top and most people are smart enough to figure things out from the first link alone, but overall I don't think it's hurting anything.

I also designate these link-posts by using the same title used in the original article I'm linking to, but contained within apostrophes*. I don't know if other bloggers would see this as kosher or if it's standard practice, but I think it gives a good first impression of what type of post will follow.

He makes some other good points in his post, so go read it.

Matthew Panzarino | Stop Not Linking

*I use apostrophes instead of quotes because it's not like it's an exact quote from their piece. I'm definitely not an English major and have no idea what the proper way of doing this would be, but it "feels" right to me.