.Mail Concept

Graphic designer Tobias van Schneider has been working on an idea for a new email client that he calls .Mail. This isn't something that's in production, but there's definitely a solid foundation here already, at least in terms of user experience.

"We're able to produce absolutely stunning websites and mobile apps with great interaction design. Interfaces that are smooth and fun and let us understand information without even trying. But when it comes to email clients we get a bit of a boring feeling, like using an old piece of software from 10 years ago.

I think we can do better. So let's do that."

I'm not the type of person that deals with email a whole lot, so perhaps this solution would be a bit overkill for me (I'm doing okay with the basic Gmail web client), but there's no denying that this would be a beautiful app and I'd probably end up using it anyway.

Head over to his site and read through all of the concepts behind the project.

Tobias van Schneider | .Mail